VGHVI Minecraft, November 21, 2019

Dec 07 2019

Pictures from the November Minecraft session:

In October, I’d built a path up from a cave; I was trying to figure out what to do next. So: some flying around.

The entrance to the cave in question.

I like this side view of the mountain through a forest path.

A weird discontinuity in the water level. And you’ll see a very flat wall next to that, clearly I hit a generation algorithm change.

A sheep wandering in the water next to another one of those walls.


I decided that I’d build a pier on my cave, and another one at the lighthouse; there’s a water path from one to the other, slightly but pleasantly roundabout. The only weird thing in the path is a one block height discontinuity in the water (with a waterfall on half of it, to make it even odder), but that sounds fine.

Here’s the pier sticking out from the cave.

And here’s the one at the lighthouse.

Taking a trip in a boat to try it out.

The view of some more of those weird flat walls.

Here’s a top-down view of those odd walls.

And then I sunk my boat.


So, that discontinuity in the water. It (unsurprisingly) went fine when I took my boat down the discontinuity. But, when I tried to go in the other direction, rather than either preventing me from going up or having the boat climb up one block, the boat went straight into the higher water level and then sunk. And the same thing happened when I went back up along the part of the the discontinuity where the water was sloping down in a micro-waterfall instead of being a one-block step. So that’s too bad; it means that I can’t actually row the boat back from the lighthouse to the cave.

Anyways, a few last pictures:

Should I put in some steps down from the cave?

I decided I liked it better with sand blocks instead of steps.

I decided I preferred to have the pier to be two blocks wide instead of three blocks.


Dan, meanwhile, built a lot of (kind of Dadaist) random little objects, plus one big one: he was exploring how scaffolding works, and it turns out that it’s really easy to build scaffolding high up into the sky, and that you can plant trees on it. So now there’s a huge wall of trees growing near the cathedral.

A flat area with sand bricks and some red/black thing.

There are some pillars nearby with cakes on top.

A side view of those cake pillars, showing the flaming pumpkins from October nearby.

If you want more cake, here’s cake stacked on more cake.

A higher view of that stacked up cake.

Sure, let’s put some boats on top of some blocks, why not.

Some more random stuff.

Yes, those are beds on top of those trees.

A bunch of doors next to each other.


That’s the random stuff, but there’s also this huge structure of scaffolding with trees growing on it.

Approaching the tree scaffolding.

Here’s the base, trees growing thickly there.

Trees are much sparser at the top.

Some more trees have popped up on the right side.

You can see the trees growing in real time, the top right one is larger in this picture than in the previous one.

Here’s the view from the other side, it’s quite close to Roger’s unfinished cathedral.

And here’s the top-down view, with lots of seedlings waiting to grow.

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