VGHVI Minecraft, January 30, 2020

Feb 15 2020

Very few pictures this time: I didn’t do any building myself and I didn’t take a ton of pictures of other people’s work.


First, some travel shots making my way back to the current area where I’m working.

A nice waterfall coming out of the side of an overhang. (With lava as accent, and a sheep enjoying the scene.)

My path happened to take me past the building that Ariel is working on these days.

A row of bookshelves sitting there in the snow and rain…

Then, some pictures of the place where I’m currently working. Or at least where I had been working, I’m honestly not sure what I’ll do next.

Dan’s scaffolding with trees has one bit of scaffolding extending up out of it.

I like the lit up flowers at night in front of the mountain complex.

A view down the valley.

Viewed from the side, the trees on the scaffold look more like smoke…


Ariel was adding a greenhouse to that building:

A view of the greenhouse from higher up.

Pretty blue flowers inside the greenhouse.

Here’s what it looks like from ground level.


And Pat started on the skeleton of a new building, but hadn’t gotten very far.

The new building only has its outer walls so far.

A view of the floating garden near / under the previous building he had been working on.

Here’s another angle on the new building.

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