VGHVI Minecraft: September 24, 2020

Sep 27 2020

Not many pictures this time: nobody did significant building. So just a few shots of me thinking about what to do next.


A picture of the lighthouse behind my mountain at night.

A view from the lighthouse towards the mountain: you can see lights from the cave with the dock and from the building on top of the mountain.

If you move in closer, you can see the building on top better, and also the castle with flowers that Dan built on the next mountain over.

Here I’m looking out from the entrance of that cave with the dock. (Though at an angle so you can’t see the dock the lighthouse.)

Here’s the back wall of the cave. Maybe that wall is the seed of something interesting, if I leveled it out and extended it? I have had good experiences with large spaces inside mountains before…

I don’t want to destroy what’s there in the cave, though: I like the grass and water at the bottom of the cave. So, if I do something, I’d want to preserve and heighten that.

Here’s a view from the back corner.


I think next month I’ll try to extend that cave some? Maybe even adding in more grass and/or water (a waterfall from the ceiling? vines somewhere?), I’m not sure…

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