Nei Gong Notes, December 15, 2020

Dec 15 2020

Sleep was much better this past week, after some dust mite tackling, yay, so I got in decent practice last week after all. Though I was feeling off on Saturday, so I didn’t do much Tai Chi this weekend; better now, fortunately, though my back is letting me know that maybe I should have spent more time exercising over the weekend.

This week’s lesson in Damo’s course was on Drawing Down Heaven, a Dao Yin designed to work on your central channel. Interesting how, when bringing my arms together, I could feel my body sort of narrow up inside, and also the feeling of a line down the middle as I moved my hands down? There’s a second lesson on that next, curious what that’s going to be about.

There was a Sunday Tai Chi class this weekend. I’ve been trying recently to memorize the list of moves in the second form, and coming to the end, there were a few where I couldn’t quite line up the names with the actions, so I asked about that. (I was more or less doing the right things, just not dividing them up so finely into names.)

I did a 35 minute Wu Ji session on Sunday, and it wasn’t too bad; I suspect I’m not sinking / relaxing quite as much when doing it on my own as I do in the Saturday classes, though? But I feel like I’m sinking a decent amount, and I think spreading my lower back might be helping with my positioning, I don’t think I’m quite as asymmetric as I had been before. Anyways, something to keep gradually pushing at.

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