VGHVI Minecraft, October / November 2020

Dec 06 2020

We did have an October Minecraft session, but attendance was small and we didn’t do much building, so I didn’t put up much for it; here’s a combined post for October and November.


First, a few October pictures:

I was thinking I’d do something with the room behind the dock. But I stared at it for a while, and I just couldn’t convince myself that I’d like it more after cleaning it up or expanding it or something. So I wandered around for a bit, but I ended up with a grand total of one picture of that:

A view from above of the colored stairs near the mountain.

Ariel did a bit of work in their castle, adding some stuff to a couple of rooms:

A fire pit with some boxes of supplies.

A room with a row of furnaces at the back and assorted other equipment.

Some armor at the end of this section.

But, in general, not a lot; and I can’t remember if Dan wasn’t there at all or if he was talking but had to do something else instead of building?


I didn’t do any more building in November, but I took a more normal set of pictures. First, some pictures traveling back from Ariel’s castle to the mountain:

Some colored abstractions that Dan had built years ago.

I have no memory of where these boxes on / next to this island came from.

The joys of glitches. (I think this one is from a change in the terrain generation algorithm.)

Some spots of light in the dark while flying over the train tracks towards the mountain.

A cave visible through a gash in the base in the mountain.

A tree growing in a corner of a mountain.

A view out from the mountain at dusk.


Then I was feeling nostalgic so I wandered around the city where we were building during the first several years:

Inside the golden temple.

Looking through a window into the library in that complex I dug out of a mountain next to the city.

The stables in the top level of that mountain complex.

Fortunately, the horses still have plenty of hay to eat.

Inappropriate Cows.


Ariel just put in some stained glass windows.

Stained glass windows on the castle.

Dan built a bunch of squiggles, though:

I think this cube with a plane cutting through it is new, but I’m not 100% sure?

A brown squiggle.

Some purple squiggles.

A better view of the lower purple squiggles, plus some less squiggly art.

Pretty sure that the yellow and green art are new.

Some grey shapes.

Muddy green this time.

Some smaller, brighter shapes above the water.

A view of the red thing in the context of the shoreline; I like how it echoes the grassy bit in the water, which I assume came from the terrain algorithm instead of from Dan?

Then Dan decided to start blowing things up instead of making abstract shapes.

Some explosion remnants further down in the pit.


I think we’re starting to run out of energy for Minecraft. And, looking through my records, our first session on this server was December 9, 2010. So we’ve been doing this for a decade, which is something worth celebrating; we’ll do one more session in December, but I think we’ll take an indefinite pause after that.

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