Nei Gong Notes, February 16, 2021

Feb 16 2021

Back to being more tired than I’d like; not horrible, but still, it’s getting old, I would have liked it if the allergy tweak had worked. Still, I got a decent amount done while practicing this week.

This week’s lesson in Damo’s class was about a technique for consolidating qi that’s in your Dantian. I practiced it every day like I always do with new techniques, and only felt something nontrivial on one day, and even that day I didn’t feel all that much. So I think I’m not ready for that one; which is actually something that Damo says is entirely likely at that stage. And, if you’re in that situation, that means that you should focus on Dantian Gong.

Which I’ve been going through once a week (over two days), and feeling something while doing that, so I feel like I’m making progress when I do that? But clearly I should do it more. Which, fortunately, dovetails with the thought that I’d had that I should try to work in an extra bit of practice over lunch; I’d been thinking that that would mean that I’d do my standard half-hour whatever I was working on plus some Dao Yin or something, but now I’m thinking that that means that I should do Dantian Gong basically every day, and move my Ji Ben practice to the second half. (Which still leaves me with other days when I can do Dao Yins, fortunately.) So I’ve started to give that a try; hopefully I’ll be able to make it through the Dantian Gong twice a week, and maybe I’ll even manage three times a week, we’ll see.

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