Nei Gong Notes, January 25, 2022

Jan 25 2022

Not much to report in terms of Nei Gong this week? A theoretical lecture, on emotions; interesting enough, making the point that I should pay attention to the feel of emotions in the body instead of bypassing that by attaching labels. And in terms of my practice, it was okay, but not as good as most recent weeks.

As for Tai Chi, Tony went over my form this week. Notes there: In the transition from Grab and Tuck Robe to Six Sealing, I should sink more to the right. (Sinking into my kua in particular, when I try it out.) In Kick with Two Feet Up, make sure the right arm swings back, up, and over, instead of just slapping in front without coming from the back. In Golden Rooster, the leg doesn’t go up until my arm reaches my shoulder; in general, be crisper on that one, I’m a little sloppy. And in general, in movements that involve sudden movements (punches, flipping the arms, etc.), make sure I’m stable and can express the energy from my Dantian.

And we went over the very end of the Xin Jia first form. Which means that we skipped some bits compared to last week, and that I still haven’t learned the bit right after the Groin Punch. I think I’ve seen that part enough times that it’s starting to stick anyways, but I’ll try to ask about it this coming Saturday. Certainly nice to feel that I’m pretty much done with the basics on that one. (Good timing, too, given that I want to start learning the Hunyuan 48.)

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