Nei Gong Notes, June 7, 2022

Jun 07 2022

Still recovering from my cold; it would be nice if this cough would go away. I got somewhat back into my Nei Gong practice, but not as fully as I would like; hopefully I’m in good enough shape that the retreat (which starts this Thursday) won’t be a disaster? In terms of Damo’s online course, I was going to just be in a holding pattern but the next video turned out to be about what to do when driving a car, so I watched that; interesting enough, and it doesn’t add to my practice load.

Also still getting back up to speed with Tai Chi. Trying to catch up with the Guan Dao, I think that will be okay though of course I won’t be able to practice that while I’m at the retreat; mostly giving up on catching up with the Hunyuan 48, though I have done it (well, the parts of it I’ve seen on Saturday class) while watching a video several times at home this week. And we did do push hands this week, starting the two-hand form.

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