Nei Gong Notes, July 12, 2022

Jul 12 2022

I’ve been visiting family for the last week, helping my offspring pack boxes and move apartments, so very little Nei Gong this week: I did do a bit of sitting and a bit of standing every day, but it was quite minimal indeed most days, and I wasn’t working on anything specific. And I’ll be out for most of the upcoming week, too, visiting my parents.

So, nothing to report about Nei Gong or Tai Chi; I did watch the next video in Damo’s class, it was about True Perception, not much to say about that, almost entirely theoretical. Or, well, a report of real experience, but without much in the way of guidance how to reach that experience; at any rate, good that it didn’t have any exercises for me to work on because of how the week has gone!

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