Nei Gong Notes, July 19, 2022

Jul 19 2022

I’d been helping my offspring move the previous week, which had really bean eating into my ability to practice, so last week was a bust. But that move happened last Tuesday; I was visiting my parents for a half week after that, though, so I wasn’t going to be back to normal, so I didn’t expect this past week to be good either. (And in particular I didn’t watch a lesson from Damo’s class, because I didn’t have any confidence that I’d be able to practice it.)

But then actually things went surprisingly well during that visit, and I got a few days of better practice in. Not abnormally good practice or anything, but at least I was back do doing my Nei Gong routine at about the level of days when I’m working? So that was a pleasant surprise.

Or at least it was a pleasant surprise until I started to feel more tired than I expected in the middle of one bit of practice. At the time, I didn’t think anything of it, I just figured I still needed a bit more of a break. But, in retrospect, I’m pretty sure that was a first warning sign.

Because the good news is that I’m home back now; the bad news is that I’ve got COVID. (And, unlike a month and half ago or whenever it was, this time I tested positive, so it was definitely COVID.) It came on pretty hard, though I at least seem to be past the worst of it now; hopefully I’ll continue to recover at a decent clip and won’t have any long COVID symptoms. And hopefully I didn’t infect my parents or anybody on the airplane flight home; my parents aren’t showing an issues yet, which is a good sign.

So I’m taking another week off; no new lesson this week. (Hopefully next week!) I am a bit sad that I’ll probably have to skip Tai Chi on Saturday; that class is outside, so maybe if I’m testing negative before then and am not active symptomatic, it would be safe, as long as I wear a mask and stay away from other people more than normal? Not sure, I should probably skip a third week of class just in case…

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  1. David, feel better soon!
    There are a few lessons in Library – how to restore after Covid.
    You might find it is useful.

    Myself went trough Covid pretty tough a few years ago, been on cruise ship. Stuff that I was doing for years did not help after that.
    I found a few things that help me restore the energy level and remove very strong cough. If you would be interested – ready to share.

    Thank you for your thoughts and feel better!

    -Boris Vishnevsky.

  2. link is below:

  3. Oh, thanks for the nudge. Hmm, looks like I should get back to doing the Kidney and Spleen Hui Chun exercises!

  4. Like you I felt that energy level going down after has been on a raise at MD. It seems that doing class #1 Zoom helps. Feel better!

  5. Interesting. Not sure if I can work a Zoom class into my schedule, but maybe…