Nei Gong Notes, May 9, 2023

May 09 2023

Good week. On my days off last week, I was a little sleepy, so I didn’t have super long practices, but at least they happened. And when I did the Spleen Hui Chun on Saturday, it felt much stronger than normal, my Solar Plexus felt really active. No idea exactly what was going on there or whether it will recur, but I figure that’s got to be a good sign.

And this week I’ve got work on Wednesday, so I mostly took Monday off, and I did some Nei Gong practice there; I put in a couple of hours, and it felt pretty solid. So this week is getting off to a good start.

In terms of Tai Chi, I didn’t practice much at home, but at least I went through the Guan Dao, so my memory is refreshed there. I still need to really get the last little bit down, but I’m very close, and I’ve got a couple of weeks before the next class. And we did an extra push hands practice on Sunday morning, that was fun.

I was leading Silk Reeling at the Saturday class this week, and I asked the people who showed up early if they were potentially interested in the course that I’d mentioned. They weren’t completely sold on it, but were willing to give it a shot, so we agreed that I’d start it next week. And when I announced the date and syllabus to the group, other people seemed potentially interested. So hopefully a few people will show up? I don’t expect a lot, but somewhere in the range of 3-5 people seems plausible, I think. And I spent some time yesterday writing up notes for the first class, I think I’ve got a decent plan? It’ll be different from the way my teacher teaches stuff: I’ll talk a bit about muscles / tendons / huang, and how the huang expands when you Song, we’ll see if that gets anybody’s interest. (Though I’ll do less theoretical stuff too.)

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