Nei Gong Notes, February 27, 2024

Feb 27 2024

Good week; I had noticeably more energy than normal on several days, I continue to think that Coiling Snake is helping me a lot. Even my sleep is getting better; I remember my TCM doctor has linked that to my neck, I wonder if that’s been helping? (Because Coiling Snake had definitely been stretching my neck sometimes.)

Anyways, this week was a Tai Chi week. I’m pausing new lessons on that, because I’ve got stuff to review; this time I went over the Wu Song Shen Fa 2 video. And I did a pretty good job of doing WSSF practice this week; I did one of them almost every day (I added in an extra practice after work on a couple of days), and on a couple of days I did two or three of them. I’m definitely getting seeing the effects of WSSF1, I’m relaxing in the right way in my body and stuff is moving as a result. WSSF2 is still more of a mystery to me; I saw some hints of what’s going on there yesterday but it definitely needs more work. I’m worrying a little less about WSSF3 because I was already feeling something there, but it’s still pretty good.

I could definitely tell that I had more energy on Friday because I got two separate household errands done, did about two hours of Nei Gong and about two hours of Tai Chi. I thought that Saturday was also going to be a good day, but actually my energy kind of flared out during Tai Chi class? That’s the second week in a row where that’s happened; the previous week I’d assumed it was because of the wind, and I still think that’s probably it (the wind was super strong that day and the energy drain was much worse that week), but either there’s something else going on or I have to wrap myself up more than I thought when I’m outside, even if it’s decently warm? That plus an unusual morning in other ways meant that I also wasn’t up for doing a ton of Nei Gong on Sunday; though, once I got started and did Coiling Snake, my energy level increased noticeably again. Hopefully I’ll have a good amount of energy on Wednesday and/or Friday this week and I’ll be able to try out getting the MCO going; I’m thinking that, in an ideal world, I’d probably try that on Wednesdays and Sundays?

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