Nei Gong Notes, July 2, 2024

Jul 02 2024

The week started off iffy, with me tired more than I’d like; I think I got my food out of whack during the workshop? Nothing horrible or anything, but between working a normal day on Wednesday and being a little tired, I didn’t do as much Nei Gong as normal. Though actually on Wednesday I did make time for a decent length Calm Abiding session, and I think it went well; good effects on my mind and body, and I think I’m getting a better feel for what it means to relax my mind?

And my practice on Sunday was quite good: almost an hour of standing practice (mostly Wu Ji but a decent amount of Channel Opening 1), about an hour of Calm Abiding (admittedly, a little sleepier than I’d like), and an hour of MCO prep (nothing super exciting there but it felt solid enough). And yesterday and today my practice has gone well too (though I’ve been working so I only had so much time), and my energy levels have been pretty good.

The other interesting thing this week is that I’ve felt Zi Fa Gong for the first time, which I’d never really felt until now. It’s been manifesting itself as brief, sudden spasms; no particular effect beyond that, and it’s not happening particularly frequently, though it did happen more than once this week.

Anyways, this week’s lesson was a Nei Gong lesson, finally making progress again on the 37 Form: Return Tiger to Mountain this time. I’m actually feeling slightly rusty on the form, I guess I wasn’t practicing it enough?

I got some beef pills that Rick recommended for Kidney stuff; they are definitely beefy, my dog is interested in them. Not sure if they’ve been helping, but they might have; like I said, I’ve been feeling decently energetic since the end of the week, maybe that’s related? Hopefully that will continue; we’ll see what my TCM doctor say when I see him on Friday. And I’ll ping Rick soon to see if I can get some Heart-related herbs.

We’re starting the Staff form in my Chen Tai Chi class, it’ll be good to have a refresher on that. And I definitely need to work on the Hunyuan 48 – I’m keeping up, but only just barely, and we’re getting to the part of the form that I don’t really know as well. But at least I did enough practicing along with videos during evenings of the workshop that I’m not behind, so that’s good.

Quite hot week, so we’ll see how much Tai Chi practice I can do, I don’t really want to practice outside when it’s in the mid 90s. Should be fine for Nei Gong, though, and I can work on the Yang 37 and the Hunyuan 48 inside if I have to.

I’m teaching the third lesson in my Silk Reeling Principles course this week; this one will be on moving using the Kua. I think my notes are good, so I’m optimistic that it will go well, but we’ll see; talking to my students on Saturday, they reported that they’re continuing to appreciate the course, so that’s good.

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